Arena Flowers Subscription Review - Hydrangeas


arena flowers subscription blue hydrangea review liquid grain

I must admit that hydrangeas had always previously flown under my flower-radar, that was until I received them as part of my Arena Flowers Subscription. 

As I've posted about previously, since moving into our Glasgow Flat I have been getting a regular flower subscription (because I'm bougie like that now).  

I have been so impressed with the quality and quantity of the flowers from Arena - and these blue hydrangeas are no exception.  I received a beautiful, big bunch of hydrangeas.  I really appreciated the attention to detail, as each individual stem had a little vial of water to keep them healthy in transit. 

Hydrangeas are absolute show-stoppers and looked great in the house.  There have been several other deliveries of hydrangeas in different colours for people on different subscription schedules than me - from rusty red, to baby pink.  And they all looked great!

If you would like to try out Arena Flowers you can use my referral link here (we both get a wee discount!)