Painting Our Living Room in Farrow and Ball Pointing

 farrow and ball pointing arena flowers peonies liquidgrain liquid grain

When we moved into our new home we used this opportunity to do a full overhaul of the decoration and painting throughout the whole flat!

We decided we wanted to use lovely, matte finish, highly pigmented paint as we were going to embrace colour after renting.  After some extensive research to see if there were any cheaper alternatives, such as colour matching, we decided that we were never going to beat the original - F&B.  

So we tottled off to a Farrow and Ball store in Oxford, happy to have something house-related to do while waiting for our keys in Glasgow.  The staff were so helpful and we made colour decisions for the whole flat on the day! 

Walking in, I knew I wanted the iconic Hague Blue (ad-aff) in the living room.  However, Matty was unconvinced about taking it the whole way around the room, concerned it would be too dark.  So, the two smaller, end walls in our living room are painted in the iconic Hague Blue - which is what you have probably seen a bit more of on my Instagram.  For the rest of the room, we went for Pointing (ad-aff).

Now - an ode to Pointing.... 

Pointing a gorgeous warm white.  It's criminally underrated in the F&B colour book of 132 colours and never shared enough on social media.   

It's such a beautiful neutral that really pops off any colour it is next too.  It's warm enough to contrast with our matte white woodwork, but doesn't stray into the dreaded "magnolia" family.  By using it next to Hague Blue, it leaves a homely and cosy feel whilst still providing a contrast - some more blue-based or true whites can be quite clinical and severe. 

To set off the Hague Blue and Pointing we used a matte white paint (in the living room and through the whole house).  We didn't feel the need to go with Farrow and Ball on this, and we love this basic Dulux trade paint.  If anyone is interested, we have very strong feelings on matte white woodwork paint and matte white ceiling paint after trying so many, if you want my insight let me know- if you don't I won't hold it against you. 

Excuse the state of our windows, we hadn't yet decided that £10 every other month to clean our flat windows was a good investment.  After seeing these photos, we came to this realisation.  Luckily Glasgow + suburbs is full of Victorian-era flats, so there are plenty of decent window cleaners. 

If you want to try Farrow and Ball, I would recommend keeping an eye on sites like B&Q (ad-affiliate link) as there are often offers like 3for2. 

Also - the gorgeous flowers are from Arena in Spring.  If you want to grab a 20% discount code you can here (refer a friend code), or see more snaps of the flowers I've received here

farrow and ball pointing arena flowers peonies liquidgrain liquid grain
farrow and ball pointing arena flowers peonies liquidgrain liquid grain


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