Blenheim Park

Most people don't realise that one of the best walks in Oxfordshire is actually free!  That's right, walking around the beautiful grounds of Blenheim Palace is free! 

The grounds are known as Blenheim Park and there are plenty of dog walks and paths around the place to explore. 

So here are a…

A Snowy Few Days in The Cairngorms

In February we headed off to the Cairngorms for a few days - we were primarily there because Matty was undertaking a Mountain Skills course.  I was taking the time to do some university work as I had a paper and a conference the next week. 

After the course was done we had a couple more days which w…

Golden Eye - COVID19 Thoughts

Look at those golden eyes! 

Now that we are all now in COVID19 lockdown, I thought now is the time to go through some old photos and try to share some posts and videos a little more regularly. 

I have been posting quite a bit on Instagram but I'm finding myself wanting to write a little bit longe…

Free Phone Backgrounds - 2020 March Calendar Liquid Grain Pages

Since the last free download I posted (here) I decided to do another calendar background for download - this time for March.  I share more of my art and scribbles on Pages by Liquid Grain.

If you want to download this one and a few others click here 

Let me know what you think of them and what else y…