Free Phone Backgrounds - 2020 Calendar Liquid Grain Pages

As a wee Hogmanay present, I've taken the notion to create phone backgrounds and other little calendars and downloadables as part of my (not really, since I'm giving them away for free) side-hustle Pages by Liquid Grain.

Most of this stuff is over on instagram, but for today you can click he…

Hetty Long Ears

Hetty the long-eared dog is back in town, and here she is on a tree stump.

Puppy Dog Eyes

I just can't stop with these dog posts - I'm sorry but this is pretty much the only content I have right now.  

And a lot of my photos were taken on different days, so the edits and looks are different so I can't even put all the photos in one post!

Small Dog on Log

Small dog on log

Man with Dog

Man with dog.  


Swimming Working Cocker Spaniel

Another day another dog picture, but this time of Tilly - our working cocker spaniel after a little swim in the lake at Blenheim Palace. 

She's sporting her little Equafleece bandanna - it's a little bit frivolous but it's also good for spotting her now the evenings have got a bit darker…

5 Things You Might Not Know About Dachshunds

On today's episode of the Hetty blog (or what I might as well rename this blog given my recent Hetty heavy posting), I have decided to share some facts you might not know about dachshunds! 

1 - They might be small but dachshunds have a mighty hunting instinct!  In fact they were bred in Germany …

Black and White Dachshund Pet Portrait

Is my blog slowly turning in to a pet blog?  Yes

Am I kind of okay with it? Yes 

Let's be honest, the dogs are super cute and I'm quite short on time these days to actually plan visits to fancy places where I can look nice! 

I may be phoning it in a little, but I'm enjoying learning to use…

Dachshund in Autumn Leaves

It's been a few months since I've shared some Hetty the dachshund pictures, and I know that's what you all want to really see. 

A couple of weeks ago we went to Blenheim Palace for a dog walk and it was in full Autumn glory!  

You might notice a slightly different look and feel of these p…

Blenheim Palace in Black and White

Blenheim Palace is an iconic location in Oxfordshire - one of the largest country homes in England.  Built in the 18th Century, there is loads to see and do there - from standalone events and the year-long sights. 

This summer was the first time we visited the palace; we went with Matty's family…