Faroe Islands Car Hire Review - Unicar

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Having a car was key to our trip to the Faroe Islands but knowing which hire company to use was a struggle.  We went with Unicar for our trip to the Faroe Islands in May 2019 and to help others in the future I've put together a short review on Unicar car rental.

I hope it's useful, if you have any follow up questions to this please let me know. 

I'm not going to lie to you, the main factor in our decision to book with Unicar was price.  I did a lot of research on car rentals for the Faroe Islands, including emailing a few smaller local companies directly, and Unicar were significantly cheaper than other companies.  

To caveat this - Unicar still wasn't cheap, nothing in the Faroe Islands is, particularly for necessities.  However, it was the cheapest for what we were looking for. 

The package we wanted included 2 drivers, both aged 25+ and with satnav/wifi option to allow us to navigate.  With this, we also chose the enhanced insurance option because we're cautious.  

Ease of Booking 
Unicar wasn't the easiest to book with as there is no online booking option so I had to email. 

However, the email was replied to very quickly, questions answered and deposits and payments were done through PayPal which gave me peace of mind. 

Pick Up and Drop Off
The best part about our Unicar experience was the logistics on the island - it was seamless.  

We were given all pick up details in advance, we left the airport terminal after we had our luggage and didn't have to queue at a desk with the rest of the plane.  Instead our car was waiting outside which we got into with our instructions.  Inside we found further information, our wifi box and some bottled water.  

Having a smooth pick up process, where we didn't have to queue or even interact with anyone was ideal and we could get straight to our first location - Mulafossur - within half an hour of landing, perfect if you are on a time crunch.

Drop off was just as easy! 

The Car 
We went for the smallest and cheapest car option - the VW Up - and it was perfect for a week in the Faroe Islands for 2 people and a tonne of kit!  We were slightly concerned that the Up wouldn't be up to the job, however the roads are a really good standard.  Additionally, it was nice to be in a car which wasn't too heavily branded and in your face, unlike some other car hire companies.   

We were REALLY glad we got the wifi box which acted like a dongle for our phones.  Apparently satnav isn't great in the Faroe Islands so Google Maps is the key navigation tool, and it worked perfectly for us.  Additionally, once the wifi box was charged it was also super portable.  We took it in my handbag or pocket when out and about for internet and into our AirBnB with the broken wifi.  As the Faroe Islands isn't in the EU there would have been hefty roaming charges to use our mobiles.   

Overall, we were really happy with our decision to go with Unicar for our car rental in the Faroe Islands and impressed with their service.

unicar faroe islands car hire review blog liquidgrain liquid grain