Photos to take in St Andrews, Scotland

what photos to take in st andrews, cathedral liquid grain liquidgrain

In addition to having some attractive doors to take pictures of (see here), St Andrews have plenty of beautiful sights to see and photos to take.  

Even better, I've confined the below list to the town of St Andrews only, which means they are all within walking distance of each other and you could smash them out in a day if you really wanted to! 

The ancient ruins of the cathedral are beautiful and free to walk around (although there's a small fee to climb the tower).  For the best photos, go at golden hour.  

If you are a student, this is also an iconic shot in your gown to get! 
st andrews cathedral red gown photo shoot graduation

After you have seen the cathedral, walk around the edge of the walls and down to the harbour.  Once you're down there you can enjoy the harbour, the beach (East Sands) and do the pier walk. 
st andrews harbour pier boat fishing heron liquidgrain liquid grain
st andrews pier beach walk liquid grain liquidgrain
st andrews pier beach walk liquid grain liquidgrain

In addition to East Sands, there is Castle Sands and West Sands to enjoy.  Our dogs love it!

Old Course 
If you are in St Andrews on a Sunday you should take a walk around the iconic Old Course golf course (dogs allowed) and snap a picture on the famous bridge! 

University Buildings
In addition to these locations, there are a tonne of beautiful university buildings to take pictures of - the Quad, Sallys, St Marys.  

Can you think of any other spots to visit and take photos in St Andrews?