The Beautiful and Damned Book Review

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You might remember that I bought a beautiful hardback collection of F Scott Fitzgerald books (here if you don't).  

I've finally read The Beautiful and Damned and I loved it!
So I've filmed a little review of it on YouTube, and although I'm not an expert on literature or F Scott Fitzgerald I've highlighted my thoughts around a few loose themes.

I've looked at the script format, the characters themselves and all the things I liked about the book (plus a couple of criticisms).   

Buy this copy of the book here

Let me know what you think of my review and what you think of this wonderful book! 


  1. Really enjoyed your youtube review! I think you brought up many good points - especially regarding the portayal of the characters and their comparison to F. Scott and Zelda in reality. Personally I loved all of the script parts, though, but I suppose that comes down to preference. This was my first Fitzgerald novel, and I was wondering if you'd read more of his works, which would you recommend to continue with?


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