Louis Vuitton Agenda GM Set Up

louis vuitton agenda gm set up 2018 liquidgrain liquid grain kathryn
I'm running a bit late posting this but here it is - my first official post on my Louis Vuitton GM agenda and its set up for 2018.
I bought this at the end of last year but I decided to wait until the new year to start using it.  So this is how I've set it up for 2018! 

I've went pretty minimal in how I've set it up (but not trendy minimalist), just because I need to start using it to figure out my needs.  

I have set up based around the Louis Vuitton agenda packs and refills, which are themed around travel and full of cute illustrations.  I've bulked it up with some dividers from etsy and a couple of folders.  However my favourite addition is the wee notebook that I keep in the front for emergency scribbles on the go which also prevents my rings from imprinting on the leather. 

I use my planner on a daily basis for work - I need an analogue planning life, from to-do lists to whereabouts.  Having everything digital just stresses me out! 

If you would like a full review of the planner and a description of how I use it please let me know, I really enjoy stationery and planning so I want to post more about them!