Tuesday, 13 February 2018

Go Ninja Sushi Edinburgh Review

go ninja sushi edinburgh liquid grain liquidgrain kathryn scotland
My best friend Amanda and I have a life motto - "Bubbles and Fish" - any combination of this is a winner for us. 

Sushi is a no-brainer, so when Go Ninja asked if I wanted to come in and try a sushi box I was clearly going to come in! 

Go Ninja have recently opened up in a fantastic location - just opposite Haymarket station and they have a great selection of take out sushi.  

Although I was tempted by the box which was all salmon, I went for this mixed one.  I really enjoyed the balance of salmon and tuna.  I like how Go Ninja are more exciting than the average high street sushi stop, there's a bit more taste in the sushi and a bit more creativity in putting the boxes together. 

Side note, if you're vegan there are a tonne of options to pick from which is pretty unusual for a sushi place and not only are they in a handy location they are on Deliveroo! 

So Edinburgh friends, if you are looking for some sushi check out Go Ninja - at Haymarket, Facebook or online here.

go ninja sushi edinburgh liquid grain liquidgrain kathryn scotland

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