The Current Situation

Well, it's been a long time hasn't it?  For me, this year has been really great but it has been the toughest academic year for me ever- especially coming back from my year in France and getting back into university life.  I've had to prioritise my studies and knuckle down to produce a really good dissertation for my degree and that has meant that my blog and YouTube channel has taken a back seat!

So now that university is over I thought it would only be polite to give you an update on the current situation.

University has been a bit crazy, my dissertation and final year module has been the most academically intense ear for me.  However it was quite interesting compared to my third year, which was definitely the hardest in terms of workload- in third year I had submitted 9,000 words by week 9 of semester one.  This is compared to the total 21,000 I submitted this year, including my dissertation! 

So now that university is over I am back to devoting a pretty large amount of my time back to Liquid Grain.  

Regarding my blog I need to knuckle down and create some content.  I need to brainstorm some post ideas, take pictures, write and schedule the posts!  But all of that also involves me finding my blog voice again and getting back in my groove.  I'm aiming to get back to posting approximately three times a week, plus a Silent Sunday post. 

My YouTube channel also needs work, although it hasn't been quite so neglected.  I need to decide what I am doing with the masses of video content I have recorded but not yet edited.  Plus I need to grow into my YouTube groove which I have never really found yet.  I currently don't know 

Overall, this work for both the blog and YouTube means that I need to sit down and think about Liquid Grain as a whole.  I need to seriously think about the direction of it and what I want my brand to represent.  The current status of Liquid Grain had just been plodding along for the past year so I need to give it proper constructive thought about where I want it to go.  Personally, I have grown up a lot since I started Liquid Grain purely as a fashion blog back in 2011.  I also need to work out my own personal style direction and get back to the gym!  Right now the branding I am leaning towards is a sort of fashion blog meets Country File vibe, what do you think?

However, for any PRs or brands that may be reading this I am ready to start working with you guys again!  I'll be on top of my emails very soon and ready to work on any projects that fit with Liquid Grain.  Please refer to my About page for more information on how to work with me!

Socially, I also need to make a conscious effort to reconnect with my friends and extended family as this year has been hectic and I miss them!  For my sport, shooting I need to get back into the training rhythm as it's been a while since I have shot.  I plan on taking advantage of my last long summer before starting my grown up job in September, especially by doing a lot of longer shooting competitions.  We have two week long national championships (one for Scotland, one for Britain- video from last year here) and I'm going to hit them up this year but that does mean I have to knuckle down and train.  

That's my rather chatty account of what is currently going on in my life.  Thanks for sticking with Liquid Grain throughout this very inconsistent year- I'm looking forward to getting stuck in again!