I'm Kathryn and I've been blogging here on Liquid Grain since my first year at university, and I'm now 23!  

My blogging style is relaxed, essentially this is just an extension of me and what I am currently interested in - so don't expect me to stick to a niche!   

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I love reading other blogs, if you write a blog then please let me know! 
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I am a PR friendly blog and enjoy working with different brands and companies.  I've worked with all sorts from clothing brands to restaurants and bars as well hotels, tourist boards and jewellery companies!  So if you are interested in collaborating or advertising on Liquid Grain please get in touch!  

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  1. It was not too long ago that I found "Liquid Grain." I found this blog via LOOKBOOK. I Followed after seeing and enjoying a lot of your outfit posts. I wish you the very best in all aspects of life and all other things intimate to you. Best wishes and kindest regards! Also, greetings from the United States! :)



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