Lunch at The Peat Inn, Fife (Michelin Star)

As I have mentioned a few times recently, I am in my final year at university up here in St Andrews.  This fact kind of hit my friends and I recently and so we decided we have to spend our last few months in St Andrews sampling local delights.  As we all love our food, The Peat Inn was a natural place to go to!  

Paris Itinerary

Although you may be sick to death of Paris posts I promise this one is a little more useful, in the shape of a Paris itinerary!  I did a similar type post for Kuwait (here and even a Youtube video hereand it went down pretty well, plus I really like reading day by day break down of people's holidays. 

Hetty The Puppy's Birthday!

This post is perhaps slightly anti-climactic because I didn't actually have a birthday party for my pooch!  She got a special chew (a deer tendon a.k.a puppy drugs) and had a good old time of it.  

But I thought I would take this time to share a few more pictures of her, as you've not seen her since her Autumn photoshoot, although the Pets category did get a Tilly winter photo shoot!