Little London Jaunt

This post is far overdue as I actually went to London way back in October!  But anyway, I found the pictures during a clean up of my memory cards and thought I would post what them!

If you are all caught up on my super late Vlogtober on my YouTube channel you would have seen this little video where mum and I hit up London as I had a job interview there!

We are not locals to London, not even regulars so we decided to do some touristy things but didn't go over the top because I was there for serious interview stuff!

So we took a wander down the South Bank... 
 And stumbled on a second hand book market.

And then the next day we took another big walk!
And things started to look a bit Christmassy!
The next day we decided to have a chill day, so after dropping our luggage at the station we went shopping and then for afternoon tea at the lovely Charlotte Street Hotel.