Crazy Zig-Zag Pier at St Monans, Fife

As you might have recently seen on Instagram and Facebook, I took this awesome photo of a crazy zig-zag pier so I thought I would tell you a little bit more!

About two years ago Matty and I spotted an awesome black and white time slow shutter shot of a super cool zig zag pier.  After a bit of research we realised that it could actually be found really close to me in St Andrews at St Monans.  

However we never managed to actually go and see it!  We kept putting it off and had other plans, but one wet and windy weekend we were looking for something to do so we jumped in the car and about 45 minutes later arrived at St Monans. 

The St Monans harbour is really quite sheltered, so we had a little walk around trying to look for some zig-zags.  We were about to give up when I saw a ladder leading up to the top edge of the pier, peeking over it I spotted the zig-zag sea break!

Because it was such a stormy day there was no way we could set up a tripod to get any slow shutter shots, so it was all by hand!  I didn't actually get that many digital photos because I was having so much fun with my 35mm film camera! 

So here is a couple of the shots I did take, I hope you like them!  

Let me know what you think of them down below!

If you want to see how super wild it was I featured a clip of the pier in this Vlogtober video on my YouTube channel.