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Before getting stuck into this gift guide I have to say a massive thank you!  My blog has just broken 100,000 views and that is all down to you guys!  Thank you so much for taking to the time to read my words and look at my face and most importantly, actually engaging with me and leaving comments.  So excited! 

Now on to my gift guide!
I'm late to this gift guide game- you guys know that I'm a student and in my final year, so this is a crazy busy time for me!  

Now that deadlines and exams are over I'm back to blogging and this YouTube business! 

Instead of doing generic gift guides I have decided to write a series of imaginary, unlimited money guides which are all focussed on one person!  That way it is like a dream gift guide for one type of person. 

As this is the first one I'm going to do this one on me.  Because I love internet shopping and I'm poor so can't actually buy anything this is an imaginary one!  But to make it useful for you I am giving it the genre of: Student / Blogger 

Under £25

This might seem eclectic but let me explain: 
- I love a good notepad for both school and noting down blogging ideas, similarly if I'm at an event I like to be able to scribble things down. 
- You know from my various French Pharmacie Hauls this is the best lip balm in the world!
- I have rediscovered my love of fresh flowers in the house, so I love a good vase. 
- Fairy lights for shooting videos or product shots are always nice. 
- If you know me in real life you will know every single coat/jacket/blazer has a brooch on it, and I thought this was cute. 
- Invisibobbles have changed my life - you can find out how here
- Now that you have to pay for plastic bags it is really handy to have a canvas one in your bag at all times, and this one contains an Alice in Wonderland illustration - one of my favourite books.  Here if you didn't already know. 

- A fancy Kate Spade planner would be great to keep me organised. 
- This Bare Minerals brush improved my foundation application ten-fold, would highly recommend!
- I really want a decent winter scarf as I live in Scotland and it's freezing!
- I also love a good silk scarf. 
- Aesop skin products are great, Lancome Hypnose is a killer mascara- the only one I use!  So my Mum always gets me a twin pack at Christmas because it's cheaper to double up. 
- I think the lamp would make a great piece as part of a YT background, depending on the bulb you find you could also use it for lighting!
- Like the dress, simple! 
- As all students will tell you, our houses are freezing so a warm dressing gown is needed and this one is famously warm, soft and snuggly! 
- Sitting in the library this exam season you can't help but notice the gallons of coffee being chugged down, water is definitely needed and a fancy gadget is a sure way to get me into a new thing!

I know I am not getting many "big" presents this year as I have had to get money to spend on boring grown up things like a suit for interviews and a couple of trips to London for interviews.  So this section is a little more imaginary for me (and so quite expensive), I wanted to avoid the things that have been shown in a lot of different gift guides like make up eyeshadow sets because that's not really me.  And this is my gift guide after all!

- Various expensive silk scarves, because I love them and Hermes is god. 
- A Burberry trench is one of my extreme dream pieces. 
- I love the Jo Malone scents and buying sets are a good way to get a slightly better price for them. 
- I am actually getting a pair of Cloud9 hair straighteners because my GHDs I bought in 2nd year of high school (aged 12) have finally died.  I'm super excited to try these out!
- Beautiful big candles, although I'm not sure if I am responsible enough for that yet.  Maybe just to keep them in the bathroom when I am having a bath- less things to set on fire. 
- As a bibliophile this F Scott Fitzergerald book set is just gorgeous!

So there we have it!  I know this is a weird way to do a gift guide but I hope you like it!  And stay tuned for the next instalments! 


  1. You can't go wrong with candles and smellies. Well, when it comes to buying presents for me anyway :)

    1. Thanks for the comment Dannii- there are always safe bets!

  2. I love your gift guide, especially things like candles etc, a great gift to give anyone. x

    1. Thanks Marie, it can be good to have some picks that everyone will like!


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