Gift Guide: Quirky / Cool Girl

As I mentioned in my Blogger / Student gift guide I am doing my gift guides a little differently.  Instead of writing a general guide, I am writing a series of super specific ones for people in my life. 
My first one was based on me because I'm vain like that. 

This one is about my friend A who finished her exams yesterday and will be on a plane back to America-land right now!  If I had unlimited money, this is what I would get her!  If I had to sum her up it would be Quirky / Cool.

Under £25

- I think A will love the quirky jewellery, anything a little bit different!
- Anthropologie has some great initial items and I was torn between getting these trinket bowls and mugs for her Christmas. The mugs are now sold out but the bowls are still here!
- Stila eye liner because it's the best eye liner ever and I don't think she has tried it yet for her mean eye flicks. 
- A mostly writes with a fountain pen and I thought the pink was cute. 
- A phone case because she goes through one a month (almost).
- I actually got A and I matching UNIQLO faux fur lined sweats and jumpers.  #NOREGRETZ  They are warm and amazing, everyone should get one but probably size up! 

- A wears Estee Double Wear so if I was feeling generous I would get her some!
- Gorgeous staking rings!
- Luxury hair products to look after her long red hair!
- Faux fur waistcoat to keep her warm.
- Ditto with the hats. 
- A gorgeous Ted Baker swim suit to wear at the pool when she's at home!

- Love these watches and these lamps are amazing!
- Everyone loves a good scarf and some birkenstocks!  

That's A's gift guide all done (well if I had a whole bunch of money to spend on her), would any of your quirky/cool friends like to receive these gifts?


  1. Some great ideas here. It can often be hard finding gifts for someone x

    1. Thanks Hannah, hope your Christmas shopping is going well!

  2. great picks. i would love to receive any of these!

    1. Thanks Nicol, hopefully found some goodies in there!


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