Mademoiselle Macaron, Edinburgh

You might have seen that a few weeks ago I posted this photo on Instagram and Facebook of some lovely macarons from a wonderful wee shop in Edinburgh- Mademoiselle Macaron. 

Even though I hate that recent blogging events means I have to say this, but this post isn't sponsored in any way.  It wasn't written in collaboration with, or even in consultation with Mademoiselle Macaron.  I just went to MM and enjoyed it so decided to write about them! 

I stumbled upon Mademoiselle Macaron by accident!  I was wandering around Edinburgh whilst Matty was in a meeting and I spotted a super cute little French cafe with tables and chairs outside- perfect for me as I was with Hetty.

Great Food and Dog Friendly!
As I was about to sit down I was welcomed inside by the super friendly staff who assured me they were dog friendly!  As a dog owner I love hearing these words!

Mademoiselle Macaron nailed the French minimalist vibe- from the décor to the small but tasty menu is was all very Parisian!  *Top Tip* if you walk into a restaurant or cafe in France with only a few things on the menu you are generally in for a treat!  French style food focusses on doing a few things very well. 

Mademoiselle Macaron's speciality was coffee and crepes!  There was a really good selection of both savoury and sweet crepes.  I had a delicious savoury crepe filled with feta, tomatoes and rocket, so good!  
Marvellous Macarons!
Obviously the macarons are the main event at MM, and after my crepe I picked up some macarons to go.  

There were something like 20 different flavours to choose from!  I picked two traditional flavours (lemon and raspberry) and two modern ones (Hendricks Gin and salted caramel).  All four (I admit I ate them all myself!) were delicious but my favourite has to be the lemon- yum! 
If you want to check out Mademoiselle Macaron I would thoroughly recommend popping in for a mid-afternoon coffee and snack!  

Their details: 
22 Grindlay St, Edinburgh 
Website, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter


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