How To Survive University - My Tips For Freshers

As a follow up to this post where I talked about the essentials to pack when you move to university I have decided to write a little advice post on how to survive university with my best tips for Freshers! 

I hope this is useful to a few people out there, I know starting university is a crazy time but you can get through it!

I know a lot of universities have already started so I am sorry if some of this comes a little late.  If you have any questions about starting university then please get in touch, either leave a comment below or on any social media @liquidgrain.  Twitter Facebook Instagram

Don't Go Crazy With Alcohol 
I know there is an expectation for everyone to be completely hammered for a whole week but don't feel pressured to drink when you don't want to!  

Plus, remember to be safe- you will probably be in a new place surrounded by new people that you have just met.  Don't treat your flatmates like you would treat your home friends you have known for years- you've just met them!  

No matter how much you decide to drink remember to save enough money for a taxi home, you can go home whenever you want!
Safe Sex
Be safe!  If you are adult enough to have sex you are adult enough to have safe sex!
Everyone Is In The Same Situation!
I know it seems new and scary when you move up to university but everyone is in exactly the same situation as you and everyone wants to make friends!
Open Door Policy
When you move into your new room make sure you prop your door open and people will pop in and say hello to you!  If you are finished unpacking you could also offer to lend a hand to other people!
Don't Buy The Whole Reading List 
When you go to your first class you will probably be given a huge reading list, being the vigilant student you think you are you will want to go out and buy them all.  STOP!  Don't do it!  Wait until you are a few weeks in and you will see which ones you use the most and are hard to get in the university library, buy those ones! 

It Doesn't Matter If You Don't Have A Lot of Friends
One big thing to remember about university is that it is very different from high school.  I would say it's completely normal to have a much smaller but closer group of friends.  It's not expected for you to be best friends with everyone in all your classes or everyone in your Halls.
Set a Schedule
Have a plan to find some balance in your life- I love a good list and my planner is my bible!  
Don't Go Out All The Time
Learn to say no!  Everyone has different schedules and you will likely have a lot of friends in different groups.  This can lead to a lot of different invites, but remember you don't have to go to all of them- you need a balance!
Support Is Out There
If you are having a tough time at university with anything at all, there will be comprehensive support offered by both your university and your union.  Go speak to someone, if will be okay! 
Join a Sports Club or Society
One of the best ways to meet new people and try new things is to join a sports club or a society.  I am a firm believer that there is a club or society for everyone, you just have to find the right one for you. 

I have made some of my best friends through my sports club (rifle shooting), and if you have ever thought about trying shooting I wrote a post on 7 Reasons Why You Should Try Shotgun Shooting here!

Sorry for the rather Mumsy post, but I wanted to write this little advice post up!  I hope it was useful! 


  1. I've never been to Uni but this post is great. Lots of people will be able to relate to it and there's some good comforting advice for the newbies. It must be pretty hard being a new starter and not knowing anyone especially if you've moved away from home but I've heard Uni is pretty friendly and much more relaxed than schools and colleges. I like how it's people of all ages too so you're not stuck with the same age group if you don't want to be.

    Chelsea |

    1. Thanks Chelsea! It is definitely different from school and college!

  2. I went to uni but still lived at home so I didn't the same experience that others may have got at uni, but these are some great tips for those heading there now x

  3. These are great tips! I wish I had read a blog post like this before I started University.

  4. So many great tips and I agree with them all! Especially the drinking. I never personally had the proper "freshers week" experience as I was a direct entry to 3rd year and was staying at home but this year I went out with a friend and yeah too much alcohol is never good!
    Lauren // OhHay Blogs!


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