Casual Country Style

 I'm not sharing the most glamorous of looks today, but you know what- that's okay.  People aren't always super glammed up (especially me).  

There is this expectation of fashion bloggers to look skinny, perfectly made up and uber-instagrammable at all times of the day.  Let me just tell you this is not the case here on Liquid Grain!
I know I don't count as a "fashion blogger", I am definitely more in the lifestyle category with too much un-fashion things.  But I do like featuring fashion posts- heck that's why there is a whole Fashion tab up there

My looks sometimes look super glam and other times Matty and I have snapped a look when we've been out walking the dogs (that's literally what I am doing in this look), and okay some of you guys might not like these types of look and I'm sorry, I'll try better next time! 

What I'm wearing: 
Northern Boot Company boots 
Urban Outfitters Jeans 
United Colors of Benneton Peplum 
Cardigan stolen from my Mum
New Look sunglasses


  1. Seeing casual look is always good, thanks for sharing ! Love the blue combo by the way !

    Xoxo from Paris


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