Say Hello To My June Advertisers!

As you my have noticed from my newly created Advertising  page up top I am now offering Advertising on Liquid Grain which is specifically targeted towards offering affordable advertising to fellow bloggers. 

Now comes the time for me to introduce my June Advertisers: 
liquid grain advertise june

Kate/idoscope is a blog on fashion / travel / wild things / the countryside / photography.  It's author is an Italian girl called Cate, "I don't like to be sterotyped as a fashion blogger because I am not.  I love fashion and I am attracted to beauty elements but most of the time it is to things nobody likes."  To see more of the weird and wonderful search #keepitweird on her Instagram.  Aside from this Cate also blogs about her travels and photography! 

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Advertise on Liquid Grain
If you want to advertise on Liquid Grain I am now accepting bloggers for July.  

All payments are processed through Paypal, if you want to find out more please email me at

£9 will get a fellow blogger one advertising slot which includes: 
If you have any questions about advertising on Liquid Grain please don't hesitate to get in touch with me, and don't forget to check out Cate's blog above!