Nigel Thornberry-esque

Every now and then I get the urge to channel my inner Nigel Thornberry, which I think is a perfectly normal and reasonable for everyone.  Do you get the Thornberry urges too?
Also hat urges, I've been wearing this hat so hard - remember the pretty shoot I did earlier with it and the light was all nice?

Well my Thornberry inspired outfit consisted of (starting at the top): 
Monsoon / Accessorize hat - available here - which I have written about before many times like here
Printed scarf - similar here 
Tweed shooting jacket - It's hard to find this exact one, I got mine at a game fair and they are quite pricey although amazing quality and so warm!  Jack Wills has some less country / more urban look here but the more traditional ones can be found at places like House of Bruar, Holland and Cooper or  William Powell.
Jack Wills chinos - here 
Posh boots - similar here

In the words of Nigel - Smashing! 

I hope you had an incredible Hogmany and New Years and it doesn't suck too much being back at work!