Avon Super Extend Liquid Eye Liner Review

It's time for a little beauty related post here on Liquid Grain - in particular, this liquid eyeliner / felt tip from Avon. 

I must say I have been really disappointed with the Avon Super Extend Liquid Eye Liner and I am now a little afraid of both Avon and liquid eye liner...

I had never ventured into either the liquid eye liner nor the Avon realm before, but my Mum was doing her first ever Avon purchase and needed to spend a little more to get over some threshold or another.  So I went for this liquid eye liner because I thought that a felt tip liner would be a nice way to ease me into liquid eye liner. 

And it might be because this is a cheaper eye liner but I am really not convinced about this whole affair. 

In principle this should work- the pencil is narrow and easy to handle and the felt tip is nice and thin so it should be easy to slide over my eye lid and make a sexy little flick.  

But the problem is not the tool but the product itself- it comes out dried and inconsistent (when it does come out at all).  Instead of being able to apply in one smooth stroke I have to pull at my eye with the pen to get it to come out. 

Overall it's a pretty stressful experience and I wouldn't recommend it- I have't quite decided if this has put me off felt tip eye liners or not.  I really want to like them but I am not sure!  

But if you have any better recommendations for liquid eye liner I would live to hear them!  So please comment below with some!

On the up-side I really like these photos we took for this post, what do you think?  Kinda arty and bokehlicious (technical term).