Throwback LOOKS

With the end of the year coming around it's made me realise that I've been dabbling in this blogging business for quite a wee while now.  It's also made me realise, when looking back on old posts, how much I've changed over the last few years. 

So I've decided to make a little compilation post of a few of my favourite looks from my blogging time.  That way a few of my newer followers might get to see some older looks of mine and we can all giggle at how much I've changed.  

Not only has my blogging got a little better (I hope - the photos have certainly got bigger) but physically I've cut off my hair, dip dyed it and put on weight *sobs*.  Let's all giggle at them! 

Do you have a favourite throwback post from your own blog or youtube channel? 

Galaxy Catsuit Fun Times 


  1. I love all these looks! The photos are stunning :)

    1. Thank you so much! All/all photography skill is all down to my talented boyfriend!


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