10 Awesome Things About Living in France

So I've been living in Franceland for four months now - which is completely crazy - so I thought it was about time I wrote a post about living here.  To start it on a positive note I thought I would tell you some of the awesome things about living in France.

1 - The Food
C'mon this is France, of course the food is an amazing perk of living here!  The bread, the pastries, the sweets- all so good!  Believe me I'm going to miss the food when I move back home. 

2 - The Weather
Another cliche - but it is so nice to have decent weather.  Since moving here I have gotten a tan for the first time in my life, and in October (when we went to Marseille).  It has seriously been amazing. 

Since the clocks have went back I've really noticed the benefit of being a lot further south than sunny Scotland and it's nice to have more light in winter.  

3 - Being In Europe
It's been really nice to be on continental Europe and be a lot closer to other cities and countries.  By not being on an island it's far easier to travel and explore which is a real benefit. 

4 - Public Transport
Although this isn't only a perk of living in France, most European countries seem to have got public transport down!  In Britain I couldn't imagine living without my car but it's okay here!  It would be nice to have a car but not to get around locally, more to explore other places at my own pace. 

5 - Markets
There are so many markets in France- seriously in Lyon there is pretty much several a day.  And the markets are for everything - fresh food, crafts, art, flowers!  And they are usually nice and cheap, and super fresh!

6 - The Wine
Like the French food, French wine is also amazing- and it's so much cheaper than wine at home. 

7 - Learning French
Slowly but surely I'm doing my best to learn French, which I'm enjoying and I'm noticing I'm getting a bit better which is good!  

8 - French Stylish People 
Generally the French people are a stylish lot, and it's nice to see everyone looking quite nice most of the time. You don't see sweats, like ever!  

But the flipside of this is that it makes me feel terribly unstylish and too colourful, because every French girl knows why need another colour when you have black? 

9 - Fresh Groceries, Everywhere! 
The phenomenon of massive super markets doesn't really exist here - yes there are a few but they are mostly out of town and not where you would do your daily / weekly shop.  For that you hit up your local shops and get the freshest bread, veg and meat. 

10 - Having a Balcony!
Okay this one s very specific to me, but I really like having a balcony in my flat.  I can open it and get plenty of air without going outside and can catch some rays without even leaving the apartment!

Do you live in France?  What's your favourite part about living here?


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    1. Thanks you! I know- it's crazy nice having a little space all to yourself!

  2. This is funny. I moved from Europe (Romania) to UK and I love the weather. But I'm living in Liverpool, is sunnier than Scotland :)

    1. Haha yes, you're a lot further South than us! But French weather is still lovely! ;)


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