My Black Milk Clothing Wrapped Wishlist

So I think we all know that I am a big fan of the brand Black Milk Clothing - you've seen my whacky outfits and there's even a tab up at the top of the page dedicated to all my Black Milk related posts. 

Now in a couple of hours their Wrapped collection is going live for Christmas!  So I thought I would put together a little wish list for the collection.

The White Burned Velvet Crop and Skirt is pure lust for me.  It's too items I could never wear in a million years - not only am I too chubby for crops but I am also way too pale for this much white. 

This is far more realistic for me - the Matte Jade Cheerleader Skirt.  It's a gorgeous colour and I think there will be some serious volume to the skirt which is not a bad thing in my book. 

This Matte Red Evil Zip Dress is an absolute show stopper!  Swirly and short with a serious flirty edge in bright red and zippy zip!  

I am so torn over the Prima Donna Tulle Skirt - it looks absolutely gorgeous but it is quite expensive for something that is see through.  Instead I'm thinking about investing in a Space 46 tulle skirt, they just seem a little higher quality and finished a little better than the Black Milk ones. What do you think?

These Gorgeous Garden Navy Shorties are super cute and kinda Christmassy without it being too in your face.  I've never tried the shortie cut before so I don't know if it would suit me or accentuate my stomach.  Have you tried them before?

What are you getting from the release?  Any thoughts or favourite items?


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