Innsbuck, Austria Photo Diary

The town of Innsbruck in Austria is ridiculously beautiful, I mean it!  As you might have seen in my recent post about going up the mountain (here) I found Innsbruck stunning!

Innsbruck is a small city in the region of Tyrol in Austria.  It's nestled in the Alps which is the perfect location for winter sports as well as meaning the view is breathtaking!

I was in Innsbruck for a sporting competition so we didn't get to explore the city as much as we would have liked to.  So I would love to go back to explore properly.  

Before I start on my photo diary I thought I would set the scene by showing you how stunning the shooting range looked.  Believe me I have been in a lot of shooting ranges, in a lot of countries- some are ugly, some are not so bad but none of them have this amazing view! By the way, if you want to keep up to date with the sporting side of my life then click here. 

I know!  Seriously beautiful! 

Now on to the stuff you will actually care about:


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