What's On My Kindle

As you might be able to tell from my Instagram I love my kindle.  Don't get me wrong I love real books, I especially love special copies of books which will one day live in my beautiful library - like this gorgeous copy of Alice's Adventures In Wonderland.  

But on my commute to and from work my kindle is my saviour, I love it.  And I know some of you guys are avid readers as well, so I thought I would share with you what is currently on my kindle and a few words of a review as well! 

Life Of Pi 
Such a great book, it's feel good and philosophical!  Although a little bit heavier than the film, would really recommend it! 

A Feast for Crows
Part of the ole Game of Thrones series, I've not read it yet but it's on my list. 

A Storm of Swords
More GOT goodies

A Dance With Dragons
A Game of Thrones 

A Clash of Kings 

Les Miserables 
I was so proud of myself when I finished Les Mis, it's a long slog but was worth it.

Bridget Jones: Mad About The Boy 
As much as I enjoyed the original Bridget Jones books I've got to admit this was a disappointment.  It's was a bit down in the dumps, kinda predictable and really quite unrelatable which is a shame considering how relatable the previous books are.  

The Universe versus Alex Woods 
This is quite a relatable book, which is odd considering how extraordinary the story is.  And it's funny which I actually enjoyed which I normally don't like, it's really well written and I would recommend it! 

The Waterproof Bible
I kinda see what the author was aiming for with this, and it does make you think about philosophical and ontological issues but I didn't think it came together too well.  But reasonably enjoyable. 

April's Fool 
Trashy novel - everyone has a couple.  No shame.  Although this was really quite bad. 

The Hotel on the Roof of The World 
Not read it yet. 

The Woodcutter
Not started yet. 

Towers of Midnight  
The 13th part of the Wheel of Time Series, it's really ramping up now.  It's so exciting!  I must say I am quite enjoying the new author so that's good as it was always a bi of a worry.  Have you read the Wheel of Time books?  What did you think?  

Elephant Moon 
Really enjoyable book, set in Burma as Britain withdrew in WW2 from it.  Different characters, fabulous plot lines, would really recommend! 

Last Train to Istanbul
As a few of you may know my degree is in International Relations and Middle East Studies so this ties in with it pretty well, and I must say it does a really good job at being historically accurate, which I love.  Although the prose is clunky at times and a bit slow to get into, so you can tell it's translation but the last few chapters were amazing! 

Oz:The Complete Collection
All the Oz books in one place!  These are such amazing stories, so imaginative and well written.  Real classics!  

Before I Go To Sleep
Not read it yet, but I did read a spoiler so it's kinda wrecked for me. 

The Dark Monk
Not read it yet.

I am currently reading...
A Memory of Light 
The last in the Wheel of Time books, this one's a biggie and I'm loving it so far.  I've almost missed my metro stop twice this week! 

What are you reading right now?