Clinique High Impact Mascara Review

I know a lot of people really like Clinique's High Impact Mascara so when I received it in a little goodie bag from Debenhams when I bought some other face things I thought I would give it a shot! 

To fully disclose to you lovely people I have got to admit I am a Lancome girl when it comes to mascaras.  I have tried a few different brands but I always go back to Hypnose.  I'm sorry but I do!  

So bearing that in mind let's get on to my review... 

The basics: 
You can buy it here for £17.50 

Overall I really like the mascara, it has a nice consistency and goes on really well to my eyelashes.  I like the overall effect, and I think a couple of layers of it really make my eyes pop, which is a good thing! 

But the easiest way to review it is to show you the results.  

This is my naked eye, with naked eyelashes: (excuse all my pores, I don't have any make-up on)

Now one coat of mascara:  

I think it's really nice for a daytime look, very natural and doesn't look clumpy.  The formula and the brush do a really good job of opening up my lashes, and so my eyes.  
However, it's not exactly ready to hit the town.  

Now round 2: 

That's better!  Although I like the more natural eyelashes I know that a lot of girls don't, if you're after big almost fake eye lashes this is probably not the mascara for you.

The brush is a traditional brush, not a comb which I like and it goes on clump free and easily which is nice and practical.

I'm probably the worst beauty blogger ever, but I'm just trying to put down the main points of it!  Overall the mascara is much better than your average mascara I think, it's a nice product and gives a nice natural look but it's definitely not a show stopper product for me.

Have you tried it before?  What did you think?  If not, what's your go to mascara? 


  1. I am a total Lancome Hypnose fan too! I cant get enough of it. This looks really amazing too though, I might give it a try :)


    - Robyn

    1. It's a really good every day mascara and because it doesn't go clumpy you can really layer up with it!


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