The 7 Best Things To Do In Venice

Before I get going on my Venice Top 7 I need a little advice from you - my content over the past few weeks has turned a little more lifestyle and travel based.  This is what is going on in my life and what I am getting more interested in so that's why I'm throwing in a little bit of the travel side into the blog.  I was wondering if you had noticed lately, and if you had any thoughts on it please share!  
I have been lucky enough to travel quite a lot and one of my favourite places I have visited was Venice... 


The best thing to do in Venice is to walk around and enjoy the city.  It is so beautiful you're not going to be bored; it's not really the place to fill your days full of activities.  You mostly want to just walk around and take in the city and the canals.  Venice is pretty much the most photogenic place in the world, so be warned!  

As well as these tips you can't forget all the usual Italian things, which is basically to eat everything in sight, especially ice cream! 

Get Lost 

The best way to enjoy Venice is to get lost in it.  I mean it, just put away your maps and wander.  You won't end up too far away and there are a few signs to guide you if you know the vague direction you need to go in.  We saw loads of tourists with their noses stuck in maps to try and navigate the twisting streets, but that's not how to see Venice!

On one of our wanders we stumbled on an amazing street party with a big old grill on the go.  See, getting lost means you will get a crazy big rack of ribs to eat...

Go Out At Night

Make sure you take the time to go out and wander the streets at night one time (although make sure to keep safe).  There was such a magical feel about Venice at night. 

Plus at San Marco there are beautiful orchestral performances every night which you can sit down on the still warm stones of the square and enjoy.  If you are feeling a little more fancy then grab a table at one of the restaurants.

San Marco & The Clock Tower 

The main square in Venice is San Marco and it's the perfect place to take in the sights of Venice.  As well as the square itself it's surrounded by three main attractions: A clock tower, St Mark's Basilica and Doge's Palace.  The attractions are super busy - people were queuing for hours for the Basilica.  The queues for the clock tower is nowhere near as bad, maybe five minutes for us and I would recommend it for the amazing view of Venice!  
Plus this is where you will find Venice's famous pigeons.
Peggy Guggenheim

The Peggy Guggenheim art collection is amazing!  If you like art or a bit of culture you must check it out.  The museum itself is a lovely place to be, the gardens and cafe are lovely and it's in a great location.  On top of that the art is stunning, completely beautiful! 
The Jewish District 

The Venetian Jewish district is amazing, it is steeped in history and is so interesting just to walk around a soak it all up.  Really arty and cultural, it's nice that there isn't as many touristy shops in the Ghetto compared to the centre of town. 

Window Shop The Designer Shops

Right next to San Marco square is where you can find the pretty fancy designer shops.  I loved just walking through them and having a good old window shop.  I found the Venetian designer shops a lot friendlier than in other cities, they are used to people having a little look and they don't mind it.  You won't feel looked down upon or rushed out the door to leave.  
San Michele Cemetery
This is Venice's cemetery, and it's definitely worth a visit in my book.  Hope on a water bus and then off again here.  The whole island is a cemetery and built around the church on the island.  It's really beautiful and has a special feel about it, not like a grave yard but quite spiritual.  

I hope these tips are useful to you if you are considering a trip to Venice.  If you go, have a wonderful time and show me the photos!