How To Shoot A Look On Farm Land

The great thing about this time of year is that the environment around us is changing- and by this I mean the farm land around us is changing.   

All this change is what keeps everything going, and it also means that these are some locations to shoot that aren't always there.  Which makes them even more interesting!  

I live in the country so when I see a nice location I want to shoot I get my butt in there and shoot it but it has occurred to me that for most people, this might not be their natural habitat.   

So I thought I would tell you my top tips for shooting a look in farm land.  

Be Sensible
This might be a stupid thing to post but better safe than sorry... Ask permission if possible, if not use common sense.  
Don't go in fields with livestock in there, even if its sheep you might cause distress and there is nothing more dangerous than a mamma cow protecting her calf.  
Don't smoke, don't leave litter etc.  

Leave gates as you found them, an open gate is open for a reason. 
If you have to climb a gate, climb it at its hinges as that is where it is strongest.

Make sure you don't damage crops, which means stick to the outside of the field or in the tracks left by machines.  For this shoot I was standing in tractor tracks whilst Matty was at the side of the field - so no damage!  

Possible Locations
Barley fields 
Hay bales
Log piles 
Long grass 
Woods or forests

Nature is beautiful, even man made nature so keep your eyes peeled and you will find some great locations! 

*disclaimer - everything I spoke about is from my own personal experience in Scotland where you have a right to outdoor access.  This may not be the case elsewhere, check your local laws and customs before going.  Please remember to have common sense and politeness if you happen to be on someone else's land.