One Accessory To Take You All Through Autumn

You might have seen my new favourite accessory on Twitter or Instagram - yes I love it that much I have been posting it here, there and everywhere!

I don't have any proper pictures of my wearing it yet, but it's not been off my head since I bought it at the end of August.  

So I thought I would share with you this magnificent hat from Accessorize.... 

It's the perfect transitional piece to take you through Autumn and all the way to winter!

You can find it here for £29.

The muted green colour is nice and neutral and the brown belt pulls it all together.  

Hats are my favourite accessory, mainly because they make you look a lot more stylish.  A good hat pulls your look together, even when you have just chucked something on!

Plus there is always the added benefit of being able to cover up a bad hair day... a vital function if you ask me!  

I would love to see your favourite hat, so feel free to get in touch with me and we can be hat friends- maybe the best kind of friends yes? 

I was having a little stroll through the world of internet shopping and found some more good looking hats.  What do you think?