City Wandering

A new look!  Finally!  Everything's been a bit manic but here are a few shots from a look we did in the Old Town of Lyon.  

We were out exploring and it was REALLY hot - it still is, it was 30 degrees the other day!  So that's why the outfit is pretty basic.

Also Lookbook wasn't letting me upload - as usual - so I just decided to post a normal picture instead of my usual Lookbook widget.  Have you been having problems with it recently or just me? 

I'm wearing: 
Black Milk Clothing A Tribe Called White Skater Dress 

And I have my travelling essentials- seriously, if you are going on holiday these are the things you need: 

Sunglasses from a charity shop but similar here and here - because it'll hopefully be sunny where you are going.
Black leather back pack, also from a charity shop but similar here - perfect for carrying everything you need around on your travels
Light scarf which was a present, but similar here - this is handy to protect you from the sun or if it gets chilly.  Plus if you are visiting some religious places you sometimes need to cover up.  

What are your travelling essentials?