Cutting My Hair Off, Why Everyone Should Try It

For most of my teenage life my hair was long, I'm talking really long!  It was long, thick and curly- sometimes a bit of a hassle, but I loved it and considered it one of my best features. 

I was pretty attached to it and would look after it - not using heat, only brushing when I washed it and never dyeing it except from when I dip dyed it for a little while.  In return for this work I reaped the rewards: long hair (down to my belly button when it was straight), which grew quicker than you could blink- not really - which got me lots of compliments.  In fact when I did the deed I think some of my friends were a bit upset with me!

I loved my long hair but on a bit of a whim, in January I cut it off!  I went to Sarah, my hairdresser and she lopped a little over 8 inches off, although she was uncertain at first!  

Now you might be thinking I was having some sort of mild-Britney crisis but I wasn't, I just fancied a change.  And it was such a nice change, I encourage all you girls to give it a go just once!  Even though you might not think I went that short, believe me a lot of hair came off! 

It was nice to have hair that was more manageable, it didn't take 18 hours to dry - it still takes 8-10 but that's a lot less!  I could style it a lot easier, I think that having shorter hair automatically looks a little more polished and more professional so it's a nice change. 

It's a bit of freedom, so give it a go!  And anyway it's only hair so it grows back, mine is still as quick growing as ever and the longest layer is already about 8-9 inches long!  Be brave and go for it, while everyone else it trying to grow their hair you can chop yours off and be mega confident about it too! 

I might write up a little post about growing your hair / keeping long hair in good condition if that might interest you guys, just say if you want it!