My Favourite Things To Do In Lake Windermere & The Lake District

With the weather being so amazing recently I was feeling a little bit cooped up at home.  A staycation was in order, so we jumped in the car and headed to the Lake District for the day. 

The Lake District is such a typical British get away, beautiful lakes and landscapes, lots to do and for the past few weeks atypical British weather.  The sun was out and out to stay! 

We're lucky to be not that far away, only just over an hour drive away.  But be warned the roads are pretty windy once you are off the motorway and parking can be a bit expensive.  You can also stop on the road, go for a little hike and soak in the views which gives a break from the drive! 

Isn't it pretty?

But once you are out and about you will have a massive smile on your face like everyone else!  

We chose Lake Windermere- the biggest lake in England.  Once we parked up we hit up an ice cream shop- the ice cream is my first favourite thing to do in the Lake District.  

Find a shop which makes their own ice cream- they taste better and you usually get the better flavours to pick from.  It's way better than the soft serve ice cream and usually the same price! 

My absolute favourite thing to do in the Lake District is to rent a boat (you probably got this from my excited Instagram post)!  All places are pretty much the same price so don't worry about comparing them- they are probably owned by the same people! 

We rented a little red motor boat, with a little sliding cover so you could change it to suit yourself.  It was £23 for an hour, and you can run yourself wild on the lake! 

There's a few rules which are common sense really- stay clear of the islands and big bosts, don't stall it.  But it was super easy, a lever to make it go forwards and backwards and a steering wheel.  Then off you go! 

My top tip is to bring a little picnic on to the boat- snacks and drinks to make you feel at home!  

I loved it out on the boat and now I want to move somewhere where I can have a house on a lake and a boat just outside where I can go out and enjoy it!  

After we came back from our boating adventure we sat and chilled out at the side of the lake- again, so pretty! 


  1. Wow this looks like the perfect getaway.
    Love the pictures



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