Burger Blind Date at TGI Fridays, Edinburgh

Last week TGI Fridays in Edinburgh a host of bloggers assembled to go on a blind date- but with a difference.  This was a burger blind date!  And although it didn't go off without a hitch it was a fun night with some great company.  

I took my friend James and we made sure to get different things to get lots of photos for the post! 

We were greeted with a cocktail- very tasty but their "large" really means large, not that I'm complaining! 

I started with a strawberry daiquiri and James went for a blueberry mojito- both good but I think I made the better choice.

The concept of the night was nice - you read different descriptions of each burger and pick your date for the night. 

The problem with the night was the timing, it took almost 40 minutes for us to be seated.  Then after making our choice it took over an hour on top of that to get our food. 

When the food arrived we sized up our dates; I went for #5.  It was tasty, although I'm not sure about how French the side of gravy was.  But I liked it!  More burgers should come with gravy to pour over it!  The sweet potato fries were amazing!

James loved his #1, there was a bit of a kick but not too much to handle!

We finished it off with another cocktail- this time I went for SKYY High Elderberry which was ridiculously good!

It was a really nice night, despite a couple of hiccups, there are loads of different burgers to try out and the cocktails are fantastic!  

Thanks TGIs for having me, hopefully the timing issues will be worked out in the future!


  1. The first burger looks to die for! The second one might have been good, too, but that slightly pinkish topping is putting me off a little. The cocktails look so tasty! I'd love to have a sip of Sky high elderberry!
    Elina | Miss Blue Eyes


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