My Favourite Apps

I recently entered the brilliant Iphone world after hanging on to my old Samsung as long as possible.  However with my contract being up soon and moving to France I thought I would get an unlocked iphone so I can stay in touch with people a little bit easier. 

Now I have one it's basically amazing and I love it so I thought I would share with you my favourite apps on it. 

Social Media

Facebook - who isn't glued to it?  You can like mine here.

Twitter - still not completely got the hang of it but I try, @liquidgrain


Pages - to manage my two Facebook pages.  


Instagram - love it.  Mine is liquidgrainofficial if you are interested.

Pic Collage - pretty basic collaging app but one that's easy enough to do. 

After Photo - to add nice text and has some nice filters

VSCO Cam - has the best filters around, although I do think people over do the praise for this a bit.  It's great but maybe not the holy grail people declare it as, or maybe I'm just not good enough at using it yet!  I will have to keep trying. 


Post Office Travel Card App - when I travel abroad I use a Post Office Travel card, which is a pre-paid MasterCard.  It's great because you don't need to carry loads of cash and I have found the rates are really good.  This app lets you top up, check balance and converts currencies for you. 

Viber - although technically should be in social media I use this the most when I travel as it lets you make phone calls over the internet, to anyone with an app no matter their type of phone! 

Urban Pulse - great for finding public transport around places and it works well with the Maps app. 

Uber - for booking taxis to get me home safe!


Duolingo - it's actually amazing.  I feel like I am learning so well with it! 

Google translate - amazing BUT only if you have internet which is a bummer.  Especially since the Android app works offline.  

Word Lens - cool concept where you use your camera to hover over words in other languages and it translates them for you right there.  However it's not the best, but I do like it.  

Work Out

Zombie Run - for when I do the occasional run this is the best app! 

30 Day Ab - pretty basic ab stuff but it sometimes helps just having a routine

Cardio - it's also a pretty basic 10 minute work out but you can also schedule it to remind you which is handy.  


Spotify - for my music

100 Balls - there's 100 balls, some cups, a simple idea but so addictive. 

2048 - it's bad enough playing 2048 on my computer I probably don't need to be playing for the 2048 square on my phone as well. 

French Girls - you take selfie, stranger draws your selfie, simple.  Some people are so creative which is really nice to see! 

What's your favourite apps?  Let me know!