A Maze-ing

I hope you appreciate the title of this post, I'm pretty much a comic genius.  

This summer Matty and I have been bitten by the maze bug, I mean it, we've been to about five or six different local mazes.  Yes, bit of a crazy maze phase in this house!

I thought I would show you around one of my favourite ones - Carnfunnock Park in Northern Ireland.  I have done a few looks up there before, you might have seen it here and here!

Unlike some of the other ones we have visited - which have maize or stone filled mesh walls - Carnfunnock is the good old fashioned hedge maze!  It's nice and high and circular which confuses my brain. 

I am also quite childlike so I like to run around the maze as fast as I can, preferably racing Matty if he will humour me and in a lot of other mazes they are quite short so my fun only lasts a max of 5 minutes.  But Carnfunnock is pretty long and has a nice central terrace and it even has a throne for me to sit in as Queen of the Maze! 

Do you like mazes?  Where do you recommend?