On The Steps Of Varanasi

I'm really loving this summery weather, although some days it's not hot enough to lose the tights - as you can see!  

We took these photos in our local park, but I look a little peaky since I had just had my blood stolen by the doctor.  But I like the photos, even though I'm a bit tubby right now!  

The dress features a photo of the steps of the Varanasi temple in India and was a lovely gift from Burning Artists Collective.  As you know I love my printed clothing (ahem, the nylon tab) so I was really excited when I discovered Burning Artists Collective, I own another dress from BAC which you can see the full post here.

I really like the cut of BAC's dresses, the higher neck and the capped sleeves make it really flattering.  I think I prefer this cut to the standard body con style that other places - Black Milk, Lovely Sally etc - go for. 

But first let me prepare.... 

Here we go! 


  1. This dress is very nice. Your face, smile, and hairstyle are all lovely. Amazing style!



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