Jack Wills Sale

It's that time again... the Jack Wills Sale!  

Every time they bombard me with emails, every time I would try to resist.  Every time I still accidentally end up on their website.  And to make me feel like it is "research" instead of shopping I've decided to do my picks from the sale again since it was pretty popular last time! 

There's some pretty good bargains which can get you kitted out for summer, so check it out. 

The Cadmore Dress - here for £29 

Perfect summer dress, day or night this will do it.  Also available in pink pinstripe here.  I don't know which one I prefer.  

Lingham Skinny Sweatpants - here for £29 

I have a pair of these and I love them, especially great for flying where you want to be comfy but not too bulky or warm.  

Eaton Crew - here for £22 

I think it's just a really simple and nice top, the embellishment also mixes up the texture.  Plus summer tan (I wish) plus white = winner.

Elmbank Crew - here for £22

Summery but still cosy for summer nights!  Us Brits aren't exactly blessed with heat all day and all night.

Southbrook Oxford Shirt - here for £34

This is one that's in my basket.  I tried it on in store at the beginning of the season and loved the fun colour (hello, pink polka dots! Other colours are available, but they're nothing in comparison) and feminine collar.

Holecroft Shirt - here for £29 

Another shirt, but a bit more masculine shape which is balanced out by the delicate colours.  Love it!

Holecroft Shirt again - here for £29 

I really must be going through a shirt phase, and a polka dot phase for that matter. 

Kilby Horeshoe Bracelet - here for £6 

Very sweet little bracelet.

 Camerton Bracelet - here for £2.50 

Sunflowers are my favourite flower so this found itself into my basket... for £2.50 I had no chance really.  

Hartwood Backpack - here for £79 

Gorgeous, bit pricier but it'll last you.  Perfect for days out, festivalling or anything where you need a bit more than a fancy clutch.  

The Edwoth Blouse - here for £29

If you can pull off yellow, go for it.  I'm terribly jealous of you and I hate you (not really).  

The Lachbury Dress - here for £49 

Such a charming boater style dress.  

Taylor Make Up Pouch - here for £7 

I love the vintage feel of this bag, and a good price!