Brussels Top Tips

We've had my first two posts on my long weekend in Brussels, first I put down all my sights to see (here) and secondly I reviewed our hostel (here).  This post is my top tips for travelling to Brussels that haven't been covered in the other two.  

- Time 

Some people we met in Brussels were there for less than 48 hours, which I think is just not enough time to enjoy the city.  You might be able to run around and see a few things but I prefer my holidays to be chill- so you at least feel like you have been on holiday!  I'd say three - four days would be the minimum you could go for, we had four and a half and it was perfect.  We saw lots of things but still had the time to chill out and not feel rushed. 

- Cocktails everywhere 

Drink cocktails and lots of them! Preferably from as many different places as possible - like a van.  

- Beer 

If you don't like cocktails (and even if you do) you really should drink beer.  It's Belgium, drink all the beer.  

- Chow Chow City 

For cheap food in the centre of town, hit up Chow Chow.  Delicious and filling Chinese food for 3.80EURO for a lunch.  It isn't amazing but it's quick and filling and you can pick between two plates and off you go! 

- Walk 

You'll be in walking of most things so get your legs out and use them!  You have metro and trams pretty near so don't worry. 

- Go out on Saturdays 

Forget about Fridays, it's all about Saturdays. 

- Use a map 

In particular use the Use It Map For Young Travellers.  It's free and amazing, so many tips and tricks inside it.  Plus it's always handy to have a map on you in a new place.  

- Cheap cocktails 

Sorry (not sorry) for another cocktail tip, but when it comes to prices cocktails can seem kinda expensive.  So look out for happy hours (on the map above), I managed not to spend any more than 5EURO a drink quite easily so just keep your eyes open for deals. 

Have you visited Brussels?  What's your top tips?