Summer Look and Walk

Back when the weather was nice Matty and I took Tess for a nice long walk in the sun.  It's so nice to get out on nice days like this so we also shot a summery look as well.  

I'm wearing a denim skater skirt and a printed tee from Ted Baker, as well as some trusty Hunters because the weather wasn't that nice!  

We walked over the hills and found an old rope swing, so the first lot of photos are from there. 

Then we wandered further over the fields and I tried to get Tess to listen to me- but she never does.  She's not a girls girl!  

Once we reached the river Tess jumped straight in, like always, and I had a little perch on the bridge.  

I love taking Tess for a walk and I'm counting down the days until graduation when I can get my own dog!  Being pet-less at uni is probably the hardest thing for me to deal with considering I grew up with a right menagerie!