Windy Walk In St Andrews

Today we went for a lovely wee walk in St Andrews down the beach and the harbour - well that's what we thought until we went outside.  And it got very windy very quickly!  But I thought I would do a wee post about it anyway.

Ten steps out of my house and look at the pretty beach I have! 

So we wandered down the beach path until we got to the harbour.  This is still a working harbour, although not as busy as Anstruther, which you can see my harbour pics from here.  
All the rain we've been having has made the water so brown and yucky!

Down the harbour, next to the pier was really windy.  So I hid behind a house and took a selfie to show you how windy it was!  

It suits me no?  

So we had a little poke around the nets in the harbour and found a bunch of very fat birds who must just live and eat in the nets!  Then we had a walk down the pier and beach. 

It was a fun walk down the beach, even though it was very windy!  But always fun! 

And here is a cute little picture of me and my friend Sophie at the end of the pier.  Aren't we cute?