Railings and Roundabouts

Okay I lied, no roundabouts but some very pretty railings in this shoot.  Look at this lovely wee spot we found in St Andrews.  It is in a little spot next to Macintosh Hall between Market and North Street.  So cute!

We decided to shoot here since the boy had the image of railings in his head and wouldn't rest until we found some!  He just got a fancy new full frame camera so wants to shoot everything in nicely composed shots!  

Today I am wearing this peplum top which comes up time and time again but I can't remember the brand of it off the top of my head but I do love the shop it's from.  It's from Liberty Blue in Belfast, and every time I'm there I always have to go in and have a shop!  

Standard New Look jeans, River Island boots and LV bag.  You've seen them all before I'm afraid.  


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