My Jack Wills Sale Picks

One of my favourite brands - Jack Wills - has harassing me almost daily for the past wee while about their ridiculously good sale that's been going on.  So I have finally cracked and looked at the site today!  

So I decided to put a wee post together showing you my favourite picks from the sale in an effort to stop me buying. 

First up you can see their sale page here.

My first pick is the Allston Dress which is only £24.

What a cute little summer dress, everyone likes denim and everyone likes polka dots.  So a win - win yeah?  

It also comes in this very cute colour- I really don't know which one I prefer, although this one is £34.

Now for what be my controversial pick - the Colby Crew which is £29. 

Mustard is one of my favourite colours for clothes, and this is a really nice twist with the roses and JACK print.  It'll be my controversial pick since some [crazy] people hate mustard and others don't like the Jack branding.  But I like it.

And finally we have the Thurley Dress which is £39 in the sale.  

This is a classic cut with a classic print - everyone loves anchors.  This is a little smarter and fitted so would make a perfect first date outfit - day or night.  

Hope you liked my picks!  In other news I just broke 20 000 views, which is awesome!  So thank you to everyone who reads my posts, thank you for your support and as always if you have any suggestions as to what you would like to see more of on Liquid Grain, let me know!