Using Sun Flares In Fashion Photography (plus OOTD)

Bit of a different post today.  Look at this pretty photo up there!  So I thought I would show you my OOTD today and talk about using the sun in your photos as well.  

Before I go on any further, the photo is one of M's, you can see is page here.  If you want better tips go ask him, I'm just here for the basics and from a modelling point of view. 

First up here are the photos, I am wearing a really basic outfit:

Tesco Dress 

If you're wanting to play with sun in your photos you don't want too fancy an outfit, because in this case the outfit is not the main focus of the photo.  Unlike your normal OOTD photo where the outfit is the focus and you want a plain background, this is different!  Here you are taking  whole photo, not just your outfit.  

So pick plain-ish clothes, maybe with one detail whether it is an element of colour, a silhouette or something like that!  

As a model you want to be right in front of the sun, with your back to it while your photographer is facing directly into the sun.  This can pose its problems- your photographer will be blinded!  

So this is where when your modelling you need to keep an eye on your shadow and make sure your shadow is always covering the camera.  So that way you can get sun streaming around you.  

Because your losing detail, you can throw some weird shapes and silhouettes all over the place- as long as you don't blind the camera.

One for the photographer- don't just use your usual OOTD blogging distance.  Take it out, widen everything.  You will get a much fuller and better overall shot.  

Don't be afraid of having a few different components to make up the photo except from your model, here I'm standing on a log pile, but there is a loch and grass behind me, not to mention the forest on the horizon.  Because your model will have toned down her outfit you can use other elements without it looking too busy.

And here is wee Tess waiting for us while we shoot.


  1. i absolutely love that first photo!


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  3. Great blog, loving the photos :) Keep up the good work <3

  4. lovely pictures and you have a very good blog!! :)


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