New Label Alert - Rakel Blom

I think we all know how interconnected the world is, and the internet is meaning it is even more so.  There is no longer six degrees of separation locally but all over the world!  

Through one of my crazy internet forums based around the cult that is Black Milk Clothing it came to light that an Icelandic member's sister has just started a new fashion label.  So I did a little digging and discovered Rakel Blom!  We got chatting through Facebook and I sent her a few questions so we can all get to know her and Rakel Blom the label.    

Q: How is it different living in London compared to Iceland?  

There are a lot of differences but the main one being the population, there are so many people in London!  When I'm in Iceland you can hardly go to the supermarket without seeing at least one or two people you know, but here you see thousands of people every day and you might never see any of them again!

London is also a really exciting city - it's a cliché but it's true!

Q: What's the inspiration for your current collection?  Have you travelled a lot personally?

Yes I think I've travelled quite a fair bit.  I've seen a lot of Asia, done a few trips through Europe, Africa and Australia.   I also lived in New Zealand when I was studying.  I absolutely love travelling and there is so much more I want to see, any tips are appreciated!

Actually my travel has inspired my current collection - "The World Through My Eyes" where each outfit was inspired by a different continent.

Q: Talk me through who is on your North and South American pieces and why.

When I was researching for South America print I used a lot of native flowers and iconography of cult figures.  I read a lot about the history and try to get a good feeling of what's going on, but really at the end of the day, it's a fashion label - my label and how I interpret the guidelines I set myself.

I do have quite a lot of interest in history.  On the North American print for example, you have a lot of popularised items because they tend to celebrate the the commercial quite a bit - Barbie, Lincoln, Marilyn and above all it is about the story you make of them.  The North American print with the central image of Frida Kahlo was the spikes is slightly reminiscent of the Statue of Liberty.

Q: What's currently going on with you, what should we be on the look out for? 

Busy days!  I take on a lot of things so I have to be flexible and work hard and stay focussed, but the main plan is to sell at a few markets (watch this space for details!) around London next month.  

I'm also looking at starting my next collection which is very exciting!

Q: Are you going to continue around the world in future collections?

Travelling will always influence my designs in one way or another, as both fashion and travel are such huge aspects of my life, but my theme for my next collection will be a bit different... we'll be giving more hints about it on the website in the near future.

Now some quick questions:

Q: Favourite colour?

This one is a tough one as I love colours and feel a bit like I'm leaving one out by picking a favourite but if I would have to pick uhhh... I would probably say green.

Q: Tea or coffee?

Black coffee.

Q: Last film you watched?

Mary Poppins, such a colourful and happy movie!

So I hope you've enjoyed meeting the brains behind Rakel Blom and seeing some of her fab designs.  I certainly have my eye on a few pieces!  

I really love featuring new talent here on Liquid Grain!  So if you or anyone you know has a talent they want to share get in touch at  Whether you are in fashion, crafts, homewares, jewllery- anything at all!  Or give me a tweet if you have any suggestions!