Mini Birthday Haul

It was my 20th birthday on the 18th of July, but I was stuck in Russia limbo land so didn't get to see my friends and family until I was back a few days later. 

I thought I would do a little haul post to show you what I got for my birthday.  This isn't a post intended to boast or show off.  This is just a wee post to show you another part of my life so please don't be mean Mr Internet! 

I didn't get that much for my birthday- because I'm getting old now (HALF WAY TO 40) and because my parents are amazingly able to send me to China for an internship.  I am so grateful to them for that and I wasn't expecting anything at all.  The stuff I got was a huge bonus!  

From my Mumma I got these really cute earrings.  
My Mum knows my style so well I'm just amazed!  

She also bought me some replacement Adidas Hi Tops since mine are dying a slow and miserable death.  She has the standard Mum worry that my feet will fall off when I'm in China if I'm not wearing good shoes.  

My little brother Andrew gave me a matching bee necklace. 
I think we all know he didn't choose this, so thanks Mum for organising it ;) 

Boyfriend Matty also got me a special piece of Black Milk but it's not arrived yet.  He got me the Mixing With The Fishes Swim, which was released in a special limited run to celebrate 500k likes on Black Milk Facebook.  
Because I don't have it yet, here is the product photograph- I'm so excited!  

That's all from me today.  I hope you like my birthday post!  I didn't do anything exciting, but it was just so nice to be back at home and see everyone.