OOTD Summer is Here! Black Milk Barbie Spewed On Me CS Body Suit

Another lovely day out today!  

Boyfriend and I were in the car for most of the day visiting family and keeping ourselves amused. 
We crossed over the River Dee and spotted a gorgeous pebble beach below the bridge.  So out we popped and tried to trek our way down to it BUT we couldn't get to it!  

So we ended up just taking outfit photos on the grassy path we were wandering on.  

I was wearing: 

Blue Ralph Lauren collared shirt 
- I used to work for Polo so I have a ridiculous amount of RL.  But I still love the brand and have so many great staples.  

Black Milk Barbie Spewed On Me Capped Sleeved Body Suit
- This is my first time out wearing my bodysuit.  It is sooo comfy and the colours are amazingly shimmery and cute!  

Gold chain belt from New Look

Floral skater skirt from Urban Outfitters
- I got this in the Christmas sales and absolutely love it!  Although I need to lose a bit of weight for it to sit a bit lower and a bit more comfortably. 

Brown heeled booties from New Look again 
- These were my Mum's but she hurt her back so can't wear heels anymore.  Which is sad for her but means I have inherited a whole load of heels- some very expensive!  

Brown leather satchel from Red Herring at Debenhams
- Another of my satchels, this is so soft and really hard wearing.  I've had this since school and it's still going! 

Once we had ran around the Galloway countryside we went to watch the Kirkudbright Tattoo which is a local festival which builds up over the summer. 
We watched pipe bands, highland and country dancers and a wind band which my cousin was performing in. 

It was a really nice night and everyone was so good at what they did!  

On the way home we even had a cheeky Chinese!  

Here are the pictures from the evening:

Sorry for such a long post today!