10 Day Challenge - 6

I'm really excited about today's post because I love travelling.  So I am really excited for this 6 places I want to go.  
Let's goooo:

1 - China
And I'm going in August for an internship for a month- so excited! 

2 - Peru 
I think it would be amazing to visit Peru.  So keen for it! 

3 - Paris 
I went when I was younger but can't really remember it so I would love to go back and see everything and take loads of pictures! 

4 - Kuwait / Qatar 
My degree is heavily focused on the Middle East and these are two places I would love to go to 

5 - Fiji 
It just seems so so beautiful, I want to go and see everything and for it to be amazing 

6 - Venice 
I went last summer with BF but I want to take my Mum.  Think she would love it. 

This list plus the horrid weather really makes me want to NOT buy the Black Milk Amethyst Leggings open on another tab right now and book a flight for somewhere!