10 Day Challenge - 5


This is a very appropriate time for me to do the food day because I've been at home for the past few days and believe me you can tell!  
I have just finished off two peanut butter cookies I made yesterday, straight after a Subway. 
Bad times man, bad times. 

Let's do this: 

1 - Macaroni Cheese
Favourite food in the world.  End of. 

2 - Mushrooms 
I like mushrooms, and mushroom sauce and mushrooms in most things.  EXCEPT when it's sneaky mushrooms, like when they are sneaked into things you don't expect- plain spag bol for example.  

3 - Cheese
I am such a cheese fiend.  Love it so much.  Cheese makes everything better

4 - Meat
Since going to uni and thus beign poor I have begun to fetishise it.  Everytime the boy takes me for dinner I'm like "Hit me up with some steak and now".  No joke.  My favourite of the meats would be a toss up between lamb and pork, not a huge fan of white meats.

5 - Eggs 
I love a nice poached egg and toast or chips or on a gammon steak or with any steak actually (see above meat fetishism).  

Well I am now sufficiently hungry.  So I will try not to get any food and do some of this essay which is due Monday :S  
And watch my new obsession - Girls.  So good, would really recommend it